Site issue, 16 June 2018: Proofpoint Email Protection is intermittently refusing to deliver mail from Many sites contract with Proofpoint, including AT&T, IBM, University of Illinois, and Stanford University. sends valid email, but Proofpoint uses “machine learning,” so this problem is likely to recur. We will work on a fix, but in the meantime Proofpoint customers, such as university IT departments, can manually whitelist’s IP address,, in Proofpoint’s so-called Dynamic Reputation service.
Name Affiliation
Adam Welc chair Oracle Labs
Carl Friedrich Bolz King's College London
Christian Wimmer Oracle Labs
Jan Vitek Northeastern University
Laurence Tratt chair King's College London
Matthias Grimmer chair Johannes Kepler Universität
Richard Jones University of Kent
Stephen Kell University of Cambridge
Walter Binder University of Lugano